Welcome to My Interactive Résumé

I've designed this website to contain my résumé and to show a little of what I do both at work and as a hobby. There are several sections to visit and if you are interested in the technology used, please visit the How It's Made page.

A Little About Me

I am a software engineer who enjoys coding of many kinds; be it for website development, applications, or embedded systems. I first started web development when I was in the 6th grade. I fell in love with being able to create something that was on a computer. I made a science fair project that was a fully functioning website and my teacher was astonished I had made one at such a young age. I then built several websites for clients in the following years.

I also built computers during this time which is how I ended up wanting to get my degree in Computer Engineering at Cal Poly SLO. While going to school I got a summer internship at a local aerospace company that then quickly was acquired by Lockheed Martin. I then found another interesting opportunity in town at CoStar Group, a realty information company, which offered me a job developing websites again and I am currently still working here.

What's Next